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Harassment, also referred to as hazing, is the most effective and humane method of goose control available. Losee’s Goose Control has been providing a service that humanely reduces nuisance resident and migratory Canada geese populations for clients throughout the San Francisco Bay Area for over 10 years.

We employ several successful methods of safe and non-lethal goose control, all of which meet government regulations and none of which require state or federal permitting. Additionally important, our goose control harassment techniques are endorsed by leading wildlife conservation groups such as the Sierra Club and Humane Society of the United States.

Our principal harassment technique utilizes specially trained Border Collie dogs to harass geese into leaving an area to forage and nest elsewhere. Through repetitive canine patrols the geese come to realize the area is predator bound and instinctually choose to populate other, safer locations. Our dogs are always accompanied by a handler and never simply dropped off to work on their own. The dogs are diligent in their work, but do not harm the geese and all the while are friendly to your patrons and staff. Other non-harmful harassment techniques we employ include lasers at night and radio controlled boats on large bodies of water.  

Losee’s Goose Control services a multitude of Bay Area clients and facilities, including golf courses, country clubs, parks, athletic fields, schools yards, agricultural fields, cemeteries and business campuses.

Canada geese always leave a mess and at times can be aggressive. Virtually any location with maintained lawns can be a feeding haven for Canada geese. The video clip below shows how we are able to disperse large numbers of Canada geese from your property. Let us assist in reclaiming your green space, ponds and sidewalks.

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