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Henry and Suzanne Losee founded this innovative goose control company in 2002.  Henry, in working for the East Bay Regional Parks Department observed first hand how the Canada geese population had grown and recognized the need for a humane solution to the problem. For nearly 10 years the husband and wife team loaded two or three dogs into each of their vehicles early every morning and headed out, rain or shine, to drive unwanted Canada geese from their well established routines of eating and fouling Bay Area parks and lawns. Full time operation of the family run business has recently been taken on by daughter Retta. As true as it was in 2002, the numbers of geese are growing every year. This next generation of family continues to provide and expand upon the dedicated and personalized goose management service established by Henry and Suzanne.

How Our Service Works

Losee’s Goose Control service its accounts once or twice a day, depending on the extent to which geese populate the site. For the vast majority of situations, repetitive canine patrols are sufficient to drive the geese away. On large bodies of water in which it is not practical to have the dogs swim out, radio controlled boats are used to chase the geese away. On occasion,we may find it helpful to prevent geese from spending the night at a site by coming out in the evening and harassing them into leaving with use of hand-held lasers. The laser is another harassment tool we use to disturb the geese without harming them. Night-time work is always performed in coordination with the client and their security personnel, including local law enforcement notification when needed.

Safety to your patrons and employees is paramount in our approach to geese hazing. Our dogs are always accompanied by a dog handler and never simply dropped off and left to work on their own. Our dogs are friendly representatives of our company and yours. To distinguish them as service animals, the dogs wear distinctively colored red uniform vests with “LOSEE’S GOOSE CONTROL” written on them. Similarly, our vehicles display our company name and are equipped with rotating amber caution lights. We are insured and licensed.

Goose Control Links  

Central California (Sacramento Valley and Neighboring Foothills):  Dog & Whistle Goose Control (530) 823-3628

Southern California:  Border Collie Bird Patrol (949) 204-7190

Willamette Valley, Oregon: Take Flight Goose Control  (541) 747-6149

Northeast Ohio  (Cleveland area, Lake, Cuyahoga and Geauga counties): Wild Geese Control (440) 679-8828

Central Chesapeake Bay, Maryland:  Maryland Goose Patrol (443) 370-3542

Our goose control dogs in front of a failed initial attempt by a client to scare geese away with cut-out dogs.

Geese naturally take refuge in water. Here Jack swims out to continue the harassment and drive them from their safe zone.

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